March 13, 2024

South Coast Makers Market

Videography | Video Editing | Social Media Content Creation

Challenges & Solutions: South Coast Makers Market is a local business, based in the Avenue in Bournemouth Town Centre. For the Christmas season of 2023, they relocated from their previous home in Bobby’s Bournemouth to the Avenue, undergoing a huge renovation project and unveiling their new shop right in time for Christmas, and their 5th year anniversary celebration!

The client requested help with social media content, for their instagram page. So we attended their 5th year anniversary event, to film a range of footage from their shop, the event, their Christmas stall and products which could be used to edit a range of short instagram reels focused on different topics.

The client was delivered a range of edited reels, focusing on themes such as;

- Christmas

- South Coast Makers Anniversary

- Products/Makers

The video editing was focused on story-telling, to portray South Coast Makers Market’s values, whilst still remaining optimised for social media, with the aim of giving the viewer an insight into the exciting energy of their brand.

Partner Since: November 2023

Location: Bournemouth

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