March 13, 2024

Your Planet Doctors

Branding | Website Design  | General Design

Challenges & Solutions: Your Planet Doctors, or YPD, are a network of multiple organisations and individuals creating food sharing networks and community activities throughout Dorset - bringing life to all available green space, exploring ways of enhancing mental and physical health and joining people together to mitigate against food poverty.

The client reached out to us looking for a complete re-brand. A new logo, printable and promotional materials, and a new website. We started with the re-brand, and went through the design milestones with the client and the designer to ensure that the brand values and ethos were portrayed consistently throughout all designs.

Once the brand had been developed, we worked on designing a website that incorporated all of the new material, and fit the new branding. The client received

Partner Since: Summer 2023

Location: Bournemouth


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